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The sleek Touch screen roulette table built using Microsoft’s new Surface Technology is supposed to change the whole scene of slot machines and is eyed by many companies. With digital poker players growing multiple of times in recent days these digital touch screen tables are going to bring in a rage of change in how you play roulette on a physical table. After the success of digital tables for poker where a player could peel up cards discreetly, roulette tables are to being expected to hit market very soon.

The Multiplayer Roulette system developed by Sweden’s TouchTable with built-in 56-inch touch LCD and a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 can accommodate up to seven players and can even recognize each person’s bet separately. Developed with intensive research and company’s proprietary technology this touch- screen roulette table is already making waves in various casinos and roulette clubs.

Different digital products for enhancing the fast play in casinos have been developed in recent years to speed up the games and decrease the chances of any cheating and discrepancies in the casinos games. Besides being fast aced and sleek in its outlook this touch screen tables are going to increase the efficiency of the game handling more numbers of players simultaneously on single table which will significantly increase the business of casinos.

Already touted as digital avatar of casinos this roulette Touch screen tables may not see the real world as soon because many veteran players are going to oppose it because of its fast paced games which won’t allow them using their cheats and hacks which they have learned after years of experience.

The Digital Touch screen roulette tables can change the way a game is played in casino which might simply eliminate the use of chips and money on the tables. Decreasing the time of a game cycle it will also reduce the chances of any dealer cheating in the game. Bets can be placed effortlessly with repeated bets making in their way back to the game. Besides that built in features like Help functions and other tools can help a newbie player’s use and play the game more easily.

The biggest problem, these touch screen roulette tables are going to face is from the traditional players who prefer to play using chips and money in hand. They would certainly not be interested to lose their grip on games and allow the casinos to take over their experience with any digital devices. Besides that there will also be chances of casinos molding the software in the game to their own favor which can seriously change the games at crucial point of time.

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